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1. alex - iunie 27, 2008

good luck!

2. Remisson - octombrie 6, 2008

Hello, Dorin!
I am a Brazilian poet, delegate of Aseadlo to Brazil and poet del Mundo and parabenizo you on your magnificent poetry, whose content is excellent.

I have a blog „Poetry for the world” where the lovers of this genre can sign up, post your comment and poetic productions, pictures, etc., always prioritizing the taste and respecting human rights. The address is becoming a meeting point for authors of many countries.

Sending him the link, asking for their assistance in disseminating the blog in its magazine and on other sites and blogs that would disclose. If you can publish, I would be immensely grateful.
I leave to you my hug, wishing him much peace, luck and inspiration. Congratulations for his work on dissemination of literature, whose innovations have the joy of receiving constantly.


Aniceto Remisson

Blog „Poetry for the world”


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